18,7771 eligible voters, 1,631 votes cast

Reading Time: < 1 minute The results are in and the student government votes have been tabulated.

Reading Time: < 1 minute

The results are in and the student government votes have been tabulated.

UVSC has a student population topping off at approximately 24,000. However, student government election numbers show that only 8.7 percent of students voted in this year’s student elections, which is a count of only 1,631 student votes out of 18,771 eligible (includes all students registered for one credit or more).

The trend in low voter turnout is nothing new to the student government elections. Past years have similar results. Since the 2005 election, the average percentage of students voting is 11.35, with the 2005 election peaking at 17.6 percent.

ASUVSC, soon becoming UVUSA, controls a $6 million budget, with a large amount of that money coming directly from the student population on campus. Yet, the numbers reflect an apathy over the expenditure of student fees.

UVUSA’s goal, as stated in its constitution, is to serve, to provide "meaningful, educational interaction between students, faculty, staff, administration, and community." The relationship between student interest in the elections and the goal of UVUSA reveals a discrepancy.

Current Student Body President Kris Coles said, "Student involvement in knowing how their fees are spent would make them more interested [in voting]."

Daryl Merkley, a communication student, said, "I really wanted to vote, but I didn’t know where or how." Similar statements have been made by students that don’t remember, or simply don’t care enough to log onto UVLink to cast their vote.

When asked why she voted, business management student, Abby Tryon, said, "I wanted to support my school and voice my opinion by voting for the candidates I feel support my views."

Another voter, Amos Oveson, said, "I’m involved in rugby, and I voted because I expect student government to get involved with my sport. So, it’s like the golden rule: If I get involved, they get involved."