An unheard-of event and an enemy to free speech occurred between Wednesday night and the morning of Thursday, March 26. Absent from UVU Review’s newspaper racks were copies of UVU Review — every one of the newspaper’s 28 racks were stripped bare. Each of the other newspapers available to the campus were left to be enjoyed by the student body — except for the only newspaper created solely by and for members of the student body.

Aside from the obvious allegations and legal implications of theft, a much greater crime was committed against the student body of Utah Valley University. The ideals of free expression and marketplace of ideas were taken away from them. Thus, in the editorial board’s efforts to maintain the integrity of UVU Review, journalism, free speech and to also credit the authors whose hard work was left unread by numerous members of the student body, UVU Review is reprinting the entirety of last week’s Opinions section and the lead article from the News section. The tragic attempt to silence any articles will not be tolerated by this organization, and thus the reprinting of these pieces will allow them to be read, as they were rightfully intended from their original publication date. UVU Review refuses to be silenced.