Why do you think there should or shouldn’t be a timetable to withdraw troops from Iraq?

It’s like putting a timeline on building a house. If it’s not done in three months, are you just going to leave it? No.”
-Kaydee Brown

“A soldier told me that a timetable would be a bad thing. So many Iraqi many people love us there.”
-Daniel Denny

“Goals always need to have a sense of definiteness. However, it’s good in theory — but unrealistic.”
-Thomas Merrill

“People have come back and told me of the good effect it has. However, I think we’ve lost the original purpose of why we invaded.”
-Ben Patient

“Depending on the situation, it’s nice keeping an open window. I’d rather get all the problems taken care of. But a timetable can bring a peace of mind to some.”
-Krystal Guerra