Dave Iba’s Youtube top 10 fav list

10. Seinfeld rips Larry King

9. He’s gonna kick my ass?

8. Where’s the Rent?

7. http://tinyurl.com/2q9j9y Be on the look out for Barack Obama’s cameo.

6. Little superstar

5. GI Joe Gay

4. Snoop gets a clean mouth

3. Spelling bee jerk

2. http://tinyurl.com/3jfc7h

1. Look around you maths

Believe me I could have filled this list with all the G.I. Joe videos, but some are pretty vulgar. But feel free to look them up on your own. I didn’t want to get hammered on UVUR eview.com again by our faithful grandmother audience. I pissed off one too many grandmothers and she gave it to me good! It cut me deep because I can hear the voice in my head and it sounds like my grandmother. Comment on this Iba List with your favorite YouTube videos at UVUReview.com