4. As you might know my name is Dave, Dave Iba. But my last name it might as well be Inc. As in incorporated. Actually we all have that last name, don’t we? Because each one of us is a business. One employee, owner operated. Because everything in my life is a transaction, a deal, an act of commerce. There are millions of little two-legged businesses running around everywhere buying, selling and merging with other two-legged businesses. The gauge of a successful business is simply this, its balance sheet. Look at the sign on that business walking down the freeway off ramp… will work for food. What sign is in your window?

A few minutes ago as I sat down at my computer to write this, I happened to reach into my pocket. And I realized I had over $350 in cash on me. I want you to reach into your pocket right now. Do you have anywhere near $350 on you? I doubt it. Well that’s ok, because from my advice here and in last week’s tips you will always walk around with no less that $350 at all times, and this is just the beginning.

3.This one will knock your socks off. How many times have you been driving down the road and seen a dead animal lying there? Like most people you probably swerve and drive right around it. But what if I told you that you could make $60,000 a year picking up those dead critters? Would you still drive on? Every county in this nation contracts with someone to pick up road kill and dispose of it, and they pay, get this, nine dollars a carcass. Double for deer! 14 million animals are killed on our nation’s roads every year! Multiply that by nine dollars each. With a little research, you will be able to learn how to obtain an EPA cremation furnace that you can put right on your property. You can even heat your home with it. Who says the dead don’t speak. I think they scream PROFITS! When you jump into this money-maker I call road kill riches. Cha-Ching!

2. Lets talk about something that many college students have a problem with. It’s called time management. Believe me, your successful business and your money-making schemes depends on it. How often are you late for something like an appointment or class? Do you ever feel like there isn’t enough time in the day? You know the concept of time, the hour, the minute, was invented in the 1600s. It’s a man made standard. HA! Of course there isn’t enough time when you are at the mercy of someone else’s standard. I want you to laugh at the hour, and howl at the minute. Watches? Who needs them.

One of the best sales tactics is when you can catch people off guard. Wouldn’t you agree? When I call on a sales prospect and hear… DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS? ARE YOU CRAZY! Well its about time!

1. Opportunity is all around us, and let me tell you about one of my most successful money-making schemes. It was a late night in July around midnight near the Orem Barnes and Noble. It seemed like half the city was there for a rally against abortion or something. But I kept on my way down to Wal-Mart to buy socks. As I got there, the other half of Orem was there. Something was up and the wheels started to turn. I walked in the store, greeted by students of Hogwarts and goblins and even Harry Potter himself. Book 7 had just hit the shelves and they were flying off the shelf like hot cakes. There were pallets of these large orange books. I quickly grabbed a cart and bought 25 of them. I didn’t even get my socks. At 15 dollars each it cost me $375 before tax. I put the books in the passenger side of my car and drove up to that Barnes and Noble, to the back of the line and stuck a book out the window and greeted “$25 and you don’t have to stay in line!” You should have seen the look on all the little Harry Potter’s faces as they looked up at their mom and said… MOM LOOK! $625 later I found myself at Wal-Mart again with another 25 books in my cart and the profits in the avenue of $500 for 30 minutes of work. I’m currently working on something to make money off of the Twilight series.