Dave Iba

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What is your major? Concentration?
I am an English major.

What has been your most memorable moment at UVU?
What I think influenced me the most while here at UVU was working on the school newspaper. It opened up a lot of opportunities for me and really directed my life path. I feel better prepared to enter into the work force because I was able to actually use a skill that would help me. I wasn’t planning events, I was writing for the paper, I was taking pictures for the paper. It gave me real skill that I can use not only in a job but something that will pad my resume and make me more marketable.
I have a lot of good memories here at UVU.

Biggest achievement?
I did an internship at the Embassy of Afghanistan and I did a lot of great work there. Starting agricultural programs to helping get kids out of Guantanamo Bay. My work there was very rewarding and brought me great joy which ultimately shaped my future.

What are your plans following graduation?
I plan on going on a trip around the world for the next year. I plan on using this time to write a book on how to travel cheaply and making the most of it. That way I’ll be putting my degree to good use following graduation. After my one year sabbatical, I’ll be applying to law school and going into international law.

What will you miss about UVU?
I will miss being so involved and having so many great friends to work with. Most of my funnest times in college were in the “UVU Review” newsroom.

Any words of wisdom?
Get involved. Make college more than just going to classes. Don’t rush it. Take your time and make this a time of real world learning and not only from reading books.

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