Coverage on COVID-19: Letter from the editor

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Journalism matters now more than ever. 

Our staff has met to discuss how we will approach our reporting going forward. As situations, circumstances and lives change during this time, The UVU Review maintains its commitment to reporting on and informing its readership about what is happening at UVU, while maintaining our motto to be “The independent student voice of Utah Valley University.”

We will continue to cover the stories that matter to you, whether you be students, faculty, community members, or otherwise interested parties. Our reporters maintain their commitment to you and to the community.

We are also looking to you for help to ensure that different viewpoints and opinions are heard from the community. As physical reporting becomes more difficult, we ask that those with concerns, comments and ideas reach out to us through our various platforms. We need to hear your voices as we continue to update what is going on.

Our print schedule will be altered for the rest of the semester as well. Rather than printing biweekly, we will print one more issue this semester. That issue will be available March 30 and will focus on issues on campus surrounding COVID-19, the coronavirus.

Our coverage will continue in all forms, covering news, sports and arts and culture. While the stories may change, our responsibility to you has not.

A survey is available to share your information and situation with us as we strive to understand the complications in your life from these events.

To contact us, please visit our social media platforms at:
Facebook: @UVUreview
Twitter: @uvureview
Instagram: uvureview

Our editors are also available by email at the following addresses:

Zachary Smith, Editor-in-Chief — [email protected]
Hunter Lock, Managing Editor — [email protected]
Chloe Nielson, News Editor — [email protected]
Olivia Diaz, Arts and Culture Editor — [email protected]
Tanner Heath, Sports Editor — [email protected]