Clubs vie for new members

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Cheyenn Clayburn | Staff Writer


On Sept. 16-17, 120 different clubs displayed information booths in the Grande Ballroom with the intent of getting more students involved in extracurricular activities on campus.

Attending Club Rush is one way for students to become informed about the current clubs on campus. Club Rush is a two-day event held in the beginning of both spring and fall semester, where individual clubs set up table displays to provide information about their club and recruit members.

Vice president of Clubs and Organizations Kylie McGill, said that Club Rush is where clubs get the majority of their members.

UVU’s vast number of clubs and organizations allows students to find a way to get involved in something that meets their interests. If nothing is found, there is the option of starting a new club.

“There are so many opportunities here,” McGill said. “We have a lot of people with different interests so the high number of clubs is just another example of UVU’s growth.”

One student that took advantage of Club Rush was Sophomore Michelle Teh, who recently transferred to UVU to study nursing and joined the Nursing Club.

“While at Club Rush I was able to talk to other members and find out more about the club,” said Teh.

She said she learned that the nursing club helped many of the other members get into the nursing program and introduced them to mentors that are helping them to succeed.

The original plan for this semester’s Club Rush was to hold the event in the court yard but due to poor weather conditions, the location had to be changed.

“We were worried about the ballroom making the event feel closed in,” McGill said. “But we got a lot of positive feedback on the location.”

One club that enjoyed the new location was the “What’s So Funny” Improv Comedy Club.

“This semester’s Club Rush has been fantastic,” said Jason Lyons WSF club member. “We have had so much more traffic than we did when it was in the Hall of Flags.”

Another club that had a successful experience at Club Rush was the Audio Club.

Mike Wilsland Audio Club adviser, said that he thought Club Rush was beneficial in that they usually get quite a few new members and it gave them an opportunity to meet other clubs and intermingle activities.

“Club Rush is always an activity that we look forward to,” said McGill. “It’s a great place to recruit and get involved.”