“Chef of the Year” awarded to UVSC professor

Reading Time: < 1 minute UVSC can boast having Utah’s chef of the year working at its campus.

Reading Time: < 1 minute

UVSC can boast having Utah’s chef of the year working at its campus.

Troy Wilson, a UVSC assistant professor in the culinary arts department, was awarded "Chef of the Year" by the Beehive Chefs Chapter of the American Culinary Federation in November.

The prestigious award is given to a chef in the state who has given back to the profession and community. Wilson’s dedication to the culinary profession was recognized with the award.

“There were many others just as deserving of the award this year but lucky for me, it fell my way,” said Wilson.

Wilson is a certified executive chef who has been with UVSC since 2000. He is proud to be associated with the culinary arts department at UVSC. “I love to come to work every day,” said Wilson.

“Working at UVSC has opened my eyes to the amount of talented students that we have in the state. Their enthusiasm and willingness to learn is what drives me every day to do the best I can,” said Wilson.

In the culinary arts program at UVSC, students learn the proper preparation of different food items and develop skills in several forms of cooking.

In Wilson’s advanced professional kitchen class, his students learn the cooking techniques of a variety of food dishes from the French, Italian and Pacific Rim cuisines.

Teaching at UVSC has given Wilson a different perspective of culinary arts. “Academia is a much different situation than that of the industry,” said Wilson. “Working here has made me a better chef and person.”

With the dedication of Wilson and other instructors, the UVSC culinary arts program is expected to continue to provide students with an exceptional education.

UVSC student Hilary Gillette also won the "Junior member of the Year" award from the ACF Beehive Chefs Chapter.