Changes in UVUSA position over activities

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The student council decided to change the name of a position in the activities branch: the “social events chair” will be changing to “couples events chair.” The purpose of this position is to plan date events for couples, part of the large non-traditional student population who are married or in long-term committed relationships. 

UVUSA has been organizing events for UVU students for more than 10 years. Many of the events are focused on couples who compose more than 38% of the school’s population, according to the socio-economic status of students done by UVU.

“Nothing about the actual events will be changing,” said Hayden Harward, current VP of academics. “The only difference is that we want students who are looking into applying for this position to know what they’re applying for. Social events is just too broad, whereas couple events make the purpose of the role more clear for those students wanting to get involved with it.”

Any student who would like to attend these events who may not be in a relationship can still attend with a friend or roommate. These events are also great opportunities for dates. 

To learn more about UVUSA and get involved, visit their website. To learn about upcoming events, you can check out their calendar. To read previously written stories on UVUSA projects, go to our website.