Candlelight vigil honors Paris

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Photo credit: Julie Ostler | Assistant Photo Editor | @jules1lo

Candlelight flickered in the cold night air Nov. 17 as 60 people gathered between the SLWC and PE buildings to honor those lost in the recent terror attacks in Paris and around the world.

The participants, who were standing around a peace sign outlined in candles on the sidewalk, were invited to share their thoughts on recent tragedies. Many shared poems, personal stories and words of hope.

“I don’t think you have to be at all related to the incident to feel really hurt. It’s obvious that it was an act to strike fear into people,” UVU student Matthew Lee Christensen said. “I think our reaction should not be fear, but should be to open our hearts even more and to feel more love and compassion for others and do our best to reach across the aisle.”

The event was organized by UVU’s French Club and was open to all who wanted to attend.

French club member McKay Thayn said they wanted to organize, “Something where we could have everybody get together and mourn together.”

Asia Furner went to France with the study abroad program last summer. She said it felt appropriate to come out and pay her respects.

Heather Holland, who works in the philosophy department, said that the Paris attacks shook people out of their comfort zone because people didn’t believe that something like this could happen in France.

“It reminds us that there are people who deal with violence every day,” she said. “We need to recognize how privileged we are and that we should use that to be more giving citizens in our global community.”

At 9 p.m. event organizers passed out lyrics to the French national anthem and invited all those involved to join in singing it before the group disbanded.