Campus Connection temporarily relocated during remodel

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Campus Connection is being remodeled and in the meantime, the office has been moved down the hall to the Student Life and Wellness Building, in room 123. The remodel is expected to be done by the end of October, but could be completed in the next three weeks.

The administration decided to upgrade the facility for the safety of employees. Previously, the desk was open and students could come around and go into the back room too easily. The new desk will completely close off the area and provide a physical barrier between staff and students.

“The whole reason this is coming about is for the security and safety of my employees,” said Dawn Burgess, manager of Campus Connection. “We’re too out in the open.”

Additional upgrades include a new green wall to pose in front of for the UVU ID cards, a flatscreen TV display on the wall, a new wolverine logo, and new Utah Valley University lettering. The counters will be upgraded, and a charging station will also be available. The back room where ID photos were previously taken will be converted to an expanded lost and found.