BYU alumni create “The Lowdown” to ease housing search

Reading Time: 2 minutes BYU alumni create “The Lowdown” to help students find housing, find reliable reviews, and find a property that best fits student needs.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

BYU alumni have taken it upon themselves to create a website that aims to help Utah students in the  Utah Valley find housing near their local university and support their needs.

“We all know student housing can be a nightmare to navigate. With such a high-stakes decision, it’s overwhelming to even know where to start,” said Rebecca Cazanave, co-creator of The Lowdown in a statement given to The Review via press release. 

Through The Lowdown’s site, students are able to leave reviews about the places they have lived, and students are then able to read these reviews before they decide to apply to these housing complexes. Students can search for housing by filtering through cities, universities, or zip codes. 

Lowdown has also created a brief quiz to help find properties that best match student needs. Students can filter by price, amenities, and distances to universities. These tools are set up in a way that uses referrals to guide students in the property market.

Cazanave stated within the press release, “Students who have friends or family that can refer them to places (or steer them away from others) typically have the best luck in finding an apartment that they’re happy with.”

“But what about the students who don’t know anyone yet or whose friends haven’t had much housing experience? The Lowdown cracks open the student network, so everyone can have access to transparent, reliable information,” Cazanave continued.

To make it a less stressful experience, The Lowdown also has the option to list your housing contract on their site for free. Many students currently use various social media sites to post about their housing experiences, which can make it difficult to keep track of all of the information out there. The Lowdown attempts to make it easier and free for students to find all Utah Valley housing information on one site. 
Students can subscribe to The Lowdown’s blog for updates, student tips, and more. Students can find The Lowdown on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.