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Photo Courtesy of UVU College of Science

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Photo Courtesy of UVU College of Science

The College of Science and Health has plans to be one of the best in the west, and the new science building is the key .


When the new science building opens its doors in April, the College of Science and Health gains not only a new building, but also an improvement to the programs that will occupy it.


From astronomy to zoology, every science program will benefit from the new building. To equip the new building, the College of Science and Health will apply for grants to raise funds. Eventually, the building will house at least two electron microscopes in addition to many other equipment improvements in the future. There will also be new, advanced chemistry instruments to help the institution get American Chemical Society Accreditation.


The building will help undergraduate students receive mentoring and guidance as they pursue research for their degrees. This is necessary if students are to have the much-needed experience required for work after they graduate. There has been limited space for these activities until now. There will be no new programs in the building, only a substantial improvement on existing programs.


“What we’re looking for is excellence, and this new facility gives us the potential to do what we have needed to do for years,” said Dean Sam Rushforth of the College of Science and Health. “We have big plans. We’re going to be one of the best undergraduate science and health institutions in the west . . . and we’re headed that way. Our students are getting better, our faculty [are] superb and this new facility opens the way.”


When the Pope Science building was built, there were only 8,000 students, but as the school grew, the facilities quickly became inadequate. There are only four dedicated labs in the Pope Science building.


By comparison, the new building has over 40 labs with an additional 25 classrooms, as well as offices for faculty and lab managers. This enables a greater amount of science classes to be taught with the proper resources. There will be many study areas in the building. The glass towers on the west side will be home to study areas for UVU students to enjoy.


Big D Construction is in the final stages of construction and will turn the building over to UVU at the end of March. The building will open in early April, and there will be a ribbon cutting April 20. The public is invited and students are welcome. Courses in the building will begin summer semester.


By John Carlsen
Staff Writer

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