BSU and ADI provide resources to foster Black student success 

Reading Time: 2 minutes UVU’s Black Student Union and African Diaspora Initiative provide resources for Black students to foster success and encourage the entire campus to get involved.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

February is Black History Month, and with that, The Review would like to discuss different resources available to Black students at UVU.   

One such resource is the African Diaspora Initiative. Back in 2020, UVU’s Black Student Union (BSU) joined together with UVU to found the African Diaspora Initiative (ADI). This program is centered on providing service to African and Black identity students.  

Through their support, Black students can get help with networking and mentorships through their numerous events and leadership. ADI also has a scholarship program, given to members of the initiative, only requiring students to be enrolled with six credits and have a GPA of 2.0.  

In addition to resources, ADI focuses on observing cultural celebrations and fostering a community among students.   

The Multicultural Center at UVU hosts the ADI program as well as other initiatives to serve students “from ethnically diverse, historically underrepresented and marginalized backgrounds.” The center provides a larger body of students than ADI but provides its own set of resources and scholarships which are helped by partnerships such as with Trio.   

Outside of UVU, Utah’s Division of Multicultural Affairs provides an extensive list of resources, internships, and networking for students across Utah. On their website, students can find opportunities and even other university resources and events. One such resource is a collection of college-focused guides for Black and minority students.   

In Utah, the biggest event for African, African-American, and Black students is the Expect the Great conference. Beginning in 2011, this “Black, African-American, and African people in Utah” focused event was created in response to former governor Gary Herbert’s goal of increasing the number of adults with post-secondary education. This conference provides career awareness and readiness for POC students.  

The event dates are yet to be listed but are expected to be hosted near the end of the year. All relevant information can be found on their website.