Blood lust

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A carnivorous diet is a life choice that I made for about two months of my life until I started craving the blood of my girlfriend at the time. When I was close to her jugular, I could feel the blood pumping over and over. That’s when I knew it was time to stop, but this does not dismiss the idea of an only meat or raw meat diet.

Through evolution we have developed teeth that are meant for tearing and chewing through meat. Now, why would humans have incisor teeth if not to tear through tough meat? Some scientists believe that not only was there a time when we were eating raw meat that developed our teeth, but consuming these super proteins along with bone marrow, made it possible for humans to develop the brains that we currently have today.

So, equipped with the muscle needed to enable choice of diet, what else?

Many that begin this diet have problems because of the supplement load that one must take to get a healthy diet. Also one might get what I believe is blood lust this is a state where one craves blood to the point he would kill to get it (similar to a vampire). This I would have to say is true while driving to school I would see innocent horses out in the field and I wanted to go ape on them, jump the fence and take a huge chunk off their neck to kill the beast and to start devouring it. I didn’t do this cause I’m sure there are laws about eating someone’s horse.  Instead I went to a butcher and collected some red raw meat to eat. That sure did hit the spot.

Raw animal products contain important enzymes. Yes you can get these enzymes from disgusting vegetables and fruit, well forget that ‘cause there are so many more enzymes inside raw animal foods.

Your probably saying, “this guy is a langer, this does not sound safe at all with all the possible E. coli or parasites that may be in your food.” Your option according to nourishing traditions is to “freeze the meat for 14 days prior to use,” but scientists agree that if you kill an animal before it has time to get bad bacteria, you can eat it and it is healthy for you, woot woot.

Raw meat is also high source of vitamin B. An excerpt from the Professional guide to diseases says that, “many functions of your body are supported by vitamin B.”  Deficiencies of b6 which is high in raw meats have been linked to diabetes, heart disease, carpel tunnel syndrome, PMS, toxemia of pregnancy, kidney failure, alcoholism, asthma, sickle cell anemia and cancer… as you can see you should be including more raw meats into your diet, and don’t worry, no one will miss the neighbors horse, dog or cat, just clean up after yourself.