Blake Oakey resigns as Vice President of Clubs amid controversy

Blake Oakey has resigned from his position on UVUSA as vice president of clubs, which was confirmed by UVU student body president Birch Eve, and a post on Oakey’s Facebook page.

The resignation comes in the midst of controversy surrounding a letter to the editor that Oakey wrote to the UVU Review during the 2016-2017 UVUSA student council elections in which he posed as an African-American student.  Oakey has since wrote an apology letter which you can read here.

Oakey didn’t want to comment on the resignation at this time but in a post on his Facebook page, he stated that “after being publicly shamed, ridiculed, called names and the like, I have decided to resign as VP of Clubs.”

Birch Eve wouldn’t comment further on the issue at this time.

UVUSA will be accepting applications for the position of Vice President of Clubs until Friday at 5 PM.  More information will be available as updates come in.

2 thoughts on “Blake Oakey resigns as Vice President of Clubs amid controversy

  1. Shame him once, shame him twice. I don’t think he learned the value of this life lesson. A “black face” is still a “black face” even if it’s being “put on” anonymously.

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