Black Student Union at UVU

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The Black Student Union at Utah Valley University is an official group on campus that cultivates a community for students that identify as Black. BSU holds discussions concerning topics that include race, advancement of Black people, and promotes validation of Black students on campus. This group is intended to be a safe space for open discussion and collaboration, for Black struggles and Black excellence.

“Our goal is to be a voice for Black students and UVU and to provide a home away from home for them, a space where they feel welcome at all times,” said Dinah Kibwe, BSU president, and a junior majoring in mechatronics engineering technology. 

Kibwe became involved with BSU through her sister, who is also a member. “After some time, I became interested in serving in the leadership and I joined,” exclaimed Kibwe, elaborating on her journey into club leadership.

According to BSU’s Instagram, @uvu_bsu, they provide a safe space at UVU for students that identify as Black. BSU also promotes education through a sense of community. All their club meetings and activities focus on representation and success; meetings are open to other students at UVU as well. 

“Black culture is generally very inclusive,” said Kiwbe. “While the club is called ‘Black Student Union’ that does not mean students who don’t identify as Black cannot come. All that we ask is for people to be respectful and sincere in their desire to share in community with us.”

“The diversity of students in our community is the best, we have people from different parts of the States and different countries,” said Kibwe. “I also love the friendships that we have managed to create with one another, it truly feels like we can depend on each other, and I love that we’ve built that.” 

Kibwe noted that the most consistent event hosted by BSU takes place on Thursday evening, at 7:30, in the Multicultural Student Services office. Many events will be happening for Black History Month, and information can be found on the BSU Instagram.