Beware of voyeurs sign in GT restroom

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Elizabeth Suggs | Staff Writer


A sign in the UVU Gunther Technology building restroom warns women, particularly dancers who change in there, to watch out for those passing by that may take their picture or take a peek inside.

Brianne Cluck, a UVU student, saw the sign but was skeptical.

“The sign is an unnecessary scare,” Cluck said, “I understand the sentiment in trying to spread the word, but I feel like it’s not very effective at actually solving the problem.”

The sign, created by Christine Nelson, administrator of the UVU police department, was posted nearly five years ago on the sixth floor of the GT building.

“It has come to the attention of the police that there are men who sit out across the hall of this restroom to observe things that go on in this area, mostly that of you ladies who are changing for dance classes and other things,” reads the sign.

“Girls were going in the bathroom from dance class to change with the doors wide opened,” said Nelson, “There were guys looking down the hall. It was really easy to see inside.”

Since the sign has been up there have been no complaints regarding “voyeurs.”

“People would gather in the hall occasionally when both doors were opened,” Frank Young, associate vice president for Facilities Planning said. “If it gets too busy both doors stay opened. Anybody in the hall can look in.”

The sign continued with, “Please be aware of your surroundings. If you need to change your clothing here try to do so in a manner that protects yourself from some voyeur who is waiting to take an unsuspecting photo of you in a compromised position.”

According to Nelson, that bathroom also had the most thefts.

“[Girls] would leave their backpacks or purses somewhere outside the stall,” said Nelson, “If you have stuff, take it into the stall with you.”

UVU has made sure to protect students by installing cameras around the school, but Nelson explains, they can’t be everywhere. This is another reason for the sign.

“We can’t have a police officer standing outside the bathroom,” said Nelson.

Cluck argued that it isn’t just the GT bathroom that could be at fault.

“Anywhere there’s a bathroom where people change in and out of clothes, there will be creeps who try to look in and get pictures,” said Cluck.

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