Best of police blotter

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Jan. 1: DUI METABOLITE/ POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA — A 20-year old female from Santa Fe, New Mexico was arrested for DUI and possession of marijuana. The female and three passengers drove 10 hours to attend the New Year’s Eve party at the McKay Event Center. Her vehicle was also impounded.
Jan. 5: BOMB THREAT — UVSC police along with Orem police, Orem fire, and Utah County sheriff responded to the Institute Building after a bomb threat was called in. The building was evacuated and UVSC officers along with Utah County sheriff deputies searched the building. No explosives were found and the case remains open.

Jan. 19: ROAD RAGE — A 49-year old school employee upset over an incident in the round-a-bout began to chase another vehicle through the parking lots near the Liberal Arts building. The other vehicle slammed on its brakes, causing the employee to rear end the other vehicle. Both drivers were cited for disorderly conduct.

Jan. 26: DISORDERLY CONDUCT — A 20-year old male riding his bike with no brakes spit on a vehicle in parking lot L after the vehicle pulled out of a parking stall in front of the bike. Officers Sprague and Shuler responded to the suspect’s home and made contact with him. The suspect also had an outstanding warrant for an assault out of Highland. The suspect was booked into the Utah County Jail.

Jan. 26: DISORDERLY CONDUCT — A 49-year old school employee became argumentative with a 79-year old usher working at the McKay Events Center after the usher told the school employee to use the main entrance during the UHSAA drill team competition. The school employee was warned for disorderly conduct and recommended for anger management.

Jan. 30: ASSAULT — An intramural basketball game ended abruptly when a player punched a player on the opposing team. The victim was evaluated on scene by police and paramedics, and was then released to a friend to be taken to a local hospital for treatment. UVSC police are still looking for the suspect.
Jan. 31: ASSAULT ON A POLICE OFFICER — A UVSC officer was directing traffic at the round-a-bout when a vehicle approached—the officer directed the driver to proceed on College Drive. The driver became upset, then made an illegal u-turn and approached the round-a-bout again. As the officer attempted to stop the suspect vehicle, the driver continued to drive toward the officer, and the officer was struck by the driver’s side mirror. The officer drew his duty weapon and ordered the suspect out of the car. The 22-year old male suspect was taken into custody and booked into the Utah County Jail, charged with assault on a police officer, failure to comply, and improper u-turn.

Feb. 16: MEDICAL — An 18-year old male attempted to do a front flip in the Student Center and landed on his face. The male was transported by ambulance to a local hospital for treatment of facial and possible neck injury.

Feb. 19: TRAFFIC ACCIDENT — A 20-year old male borrowed his friend’s car to run an errand. On his way home, he fell asleep and veered off the road, College Drive near lot D. The vehicle traveled up the grass hill then hit a tree. The vehicle suffered two flat tires, two broken axles, body damage and a broken rear window.

April 2: AGENCY ASSIST — UVSC officers responded to Remington Apartments on a report of a suicidal male threatening to kill himself with a sword. Officers made entry into the apartment and secured the scene. The incident was then turned over to Orem police upon their arrival.

April 5: TRESPASSING — A 34-year old male student was found sleeping on campus. The student stated he recently was evicted from his apartment and had no money and is trying to finish the semester. The student was warned for trespassing and referred to a local shelter.

July 21: CRIMINAL TRESPASS — A 16-year old male was cited for driving his personal vehicle on a set of stairs in lot H. Officers were able to obtain a video of the offense from the 16-year old’s friend’s cell phone.

Aug. 21: AGENCY ASSIST — A UVSC officer working a case in North Orem responded to a report of a fight near 400 N 200 E in which a suspect was hitting another person with a baseball bat. As the officer was arriving, he observed the suspect’s vehicle fleeing the scene and initiated a felony stop on the vehicle. Two of the three occupants had outstanding warrants with UVSC and Provo police departments.

Aug. 22: AIRCRAFT ACCIDENT — UVSC police responded to a report of a UVSC plane that had struck a deer on landing at the Provo Airport. Damage to the aircraft was estimated at $30,000. Although the pilot and instructor were not injured, the deer was killed. The runway was closed for some time until the FAA cleared it to reopen.

Aug. 31: RESISTING ARREST — A 23-year old BYU student was tased after failing to comply with a lawful order by a Police officer. The suspect was outside of the Institute of Religion during the Institute Dance. Officers were attempting to disperse a large crowd when the suspect became confrontational with the officer. The suspect was told to leave but refused. The officer advised the suspect he was under arrest at which time the suspect made an aggressive move toward the officer. The suspect was then tased and taken into custody. The suspect was charged with disorderly conduct, failure to disperse, and resisting arrest. The suspect’s wife and her friend assaulted another officer during the incident. They were both arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

Sept. 17: MAN WITH GUN — Officers responded to Student Health Services on a report of a man with a gun. Officers arrived on scene and determined the man had a concealed weapons permit. The reporting party stated that the man was not threatening and appeared to have accidentally displayed his concealed weapon while adjusting his shirt.

Sept. 19: AGENCY ASSIST — UVSC police initiated a traffic stop on a Ryder van near 800 W and University Parkway after someone reported to Orem police that the van had an odor of rotting flesh coming from it. The driver of the van had a good laugh and gave Officers consent to search. Officers were happy to report no dead bodies found.

Sept. 28: THEFT — A UVSC Police officer responded to Southern Utah University on a report of stolen property owned by UVSC being in possession of an employee at SUU. The UVSC officer worked closely with SUU police for three days and ultimately was able to recover the missing property. The SUU employee was charged with two counts of theft, $300-$1000 in property, and will be arraigned in the Orem Court on Oct. 29.

Oct. 3: FIGHT — Two 21-year old females were issued citations after acting in a fight while watching a game behind the Education Building. Kristina Kopsel of Provo was charged with assault and Kari Weiss of Provo was charged with disorderly conduct. Both are scheduled for a initial court appearance on Nov. 5.

Dec. 1: MEDICAL — A UVSC cheerleader was dropped by her male partner during the UVSC homecoming game. The cheerleader struck her head on the basketball floor, a concussion resulting. The cheerleader was evaluated on scene by UVSC police and Orem paramedics. She was then transported by her parents to a local hospital for further treatment.