Battling cold and flu season

Students put $2,300 worth of commitment down per semester planning to finish, but what happens if a student gets sick for a period of time?


Patricia Nelson, coordinator for Learning Strategies Support, helps students who struggle in class and sometimes this is in an effort to catch up because of a sickness.


“We don’t want your grades to go by the wayside,” Nelson said. “Sometimes professors are harder to work with but sometimes they’ll bend over backwards.”


Doctors notes are necessary in this situation, along with communication with professors.


“Students can get a doctors note or petition for medical withdraw,” Nelson said.


Medical withdraw is something that if applied for and accepted will wipe an entire semester from a student transcript. However many students try to stick with it and make up the work.


Mike Jensen, associate professor for the College Success Studies has had students who have struggled with this.


“I’ve had both positive and negative experiences with it. It has been too difficult to make up more often then not,” Jensen said.


But what happens when a student gets a minor sickness such as a flu, and doesn’t find it necessary to pay for a doctors note?


David Millet, vice president of academics for UVUSA said, “I wish more students knew about the wellness center.”


Although it seems unfortunate to pay for a doctor to confirm what is known, with the discounted services on campus this is more feasible.


The school does not currently have a policy stating students are to remain home if they are sick, but many professors advise this.


“I have had no complaints, so the policy on absences has not been reviewed recently,” Millet said. “But I am the student voice in the meetings if there were complaints.”


By Tiffany Thatcher
Asst. News Editor

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