Awakening vs Apostasy

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Religion plays a big part in Utah Valley, and for students moving away from home, many changes occur. Most students feel that people are sometimes more active, and others are less active in religious activity.

Stephenie Spencer said she definitely didn’t have a testimony before college, so religious tendencies increase in college. Teresa Wood agrees.

“I almost feel like they are more religious depending,” Wood said. “It makes you not sit on the fence anymore.”

Many students had the same response Wood had. Students commonly think that moving out tests an individual.

“Your character is tested,” said UVU student Breann Passey. “If your parents forced you to go to church in high school then you may not want to in college. If you really do like church, then it gives you the chance to keep going without the influence of others.”

Clay Bell said he was stuck in a bad position before moving out. When moving to Utah, this changed, and he decided to have a more religious lifestyle.

“I was more religious because of the situation I was put in,” Bell said. “I came back to the church because of me being on my own.”

Although UVU students tend to become more religious, this is probably not the case in other states. Kevin Bryan is a student at UVU and has spent time outside of Utah.

“I think typically people would be less religious, but here, people get married, have a family, and that lifestyle is more typical for around here,” Bryan said. “I mean you have the institute, and it has its own parking lot. If you go to other states I don’t think there is a lot of religious activity going on.”