Automotive department gives back

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At the end of any college semester, one of the last things on a student’s mind is car care. But on Nov. 18, the Automotive department held a free car care clinic to help students out by checking their cars’ fluids, tires, filters, wipers and other basic items.

The clinic took place in the Sparks Automotive Building near Parking Lot F between 10:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. and was offered to all students and faculty.

“We do it every year right before Thanksgiving so the kids can drive home a little safer,” Department Chair Don Wilson said.

All of the services were provided by the students from the three divisions of the Automotive department: Auto, Diesel and Collision. Any fluids which were low were topped off right then and there. The student techs also provided suggestions on any necessary additional services that could not be performed at that time.

“I think our kids need to give service and learn how to give service back to their community,” Wilson said. He also suggested that events like this one help bring the campus community closer together.

The automotive program is one of the best in the nation and the students from UVU have, over the past 18 years, won nearly half of all competitions entered. The department is over 100,000 sq. feet and has been regarded by top government contractors as one of the best facilities they’ve ever seen.

Department receptionist Holly Madsen had her car checked last year and was very grateful for the free service offered. She will be driving home this year for Thanksgiving and is looking forward to getting her car checked before leaving.

“I’m going to rely on it so I can travel home for the holidays,” Madsen said.