A prayer for bachelor degrees

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UVSC is launching a new campaign to keep students thinking about and remaining at UVSC to finish their bachelor degrees.

The idea that has surfaced is a wallet card. Why a wallet card?
The card will be easy for students to hold onto and to have on their person in times of need. The card is projected to have tips for graduating, discounts and a chance at prizes.

Ron Hammond, a professor of sociology, directed a small conference to present the wallet card idea and get feedback for the project from other departments and faculty on campus.

During the conference, Hammond said, "This card is to make retention a part of our culture on campus. We are making a card to keep students thinking about staying in school."

The card itself will be the size of a traditional business card on durable, high-gloss paper meant to last the duration of a student’s college years.

The theme selected for the cards, "Success, Never Stop Learning," goes along with previously adopted marketing campaigns already on campus.

The card will have three designs, but all will have the same information, just varying graphics and phrases.

The idea for a wallet card was created by the Student Success and Retention committee.

A study of entering UVSC freshmen during the 1999 school year gave the committee some interesting responses on retention.

Students were surveyed about why they dropped out of UVSC and results showed that the students who left UVSC did so because they did not know where to turn for help to stay in school.

UVSC wants to change this problem and hope to do so by this card campaign.

The card will contain information on who to talk to when a student is feeling stuck in his or her academic path.

There will be a phone number to connect those looking for help to someone that can provide it.

Perks to carrying the card include a chance at prizes. An ‘unknown Wolverine’ will be on campus asking students if they are carrying their card with them. If questioned students have the card, they will be given prizes, such as gift certificates.

This incentive will hopefully encourage students to have the card and to use the resources listed on it.

Discounts on UVU apparel, the food court, outdoor recreation and the copy center will also be available to card holders.
Cards are scheduled to be distributed in November.