Apple releases new iPhones

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Matthew Peart, Reporter [email protected]


Apple just held another of their famous Unveiling Keynotes. This one was specifically called to announce the new generation of iPhone successors.

There were two new iPhones in the spotlight this time around, a first in iPhone history. They also showed off some features of iOS7, an upgraded version of their mobile operating system. 

Enter the iPhone 5C. Using the iPhone 5 as a base for the design, they replaced the back plate with a wrap-around piece of polycarbonate plastic reinforced by steel.


Apple decided to make the 5C with a plastic back to cut down on machining and assembly cost. 

Along with the new material choice came a slew of colors, and official cases. Each is one of five colors: green, yellow, pink, blue, or white.

The 5C was created to give apple a lower cost phone on the market, which will be available by the end of the month. Preorders are welcome.

The iPhone 5S brings back the iPhone 5 design, but with a boost in performance, and an impressive new physical feature. As with every new generation, the spec jump is never surprising, but Apple decided to bring something new to the table.

The home button, something the iPhone is very famous for, has now been replaced with a fingerprint identity sensor to keep your phone as secure as possible. There will be no preordering, but it will be available by the end of September.

iOS7 has been scheduled to be released on September 18, free to everyone who owns the and iPhone 4, through 5.