Anti-capitalist revolutionaries form student group

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Buttons were given out to those interested at the RSU's Club Rush.

Buttons were given out to those interested at the RSU's Club Rush.

The Revolutionary Students Union (RSU) has recently formed under the direction of philosophy students and revolutionaries. Currently recruiting those who are interested in revolutionary change, the club made its first appearance in UVUSA’s Club Rush Sept. 9 and 10. The RSU is a non-tendency revolutionary group that wishes to examine the possibility of overthrowing global capitalism and establishing concrete alternatives. “It’s a democratic club meant to discuss problems and make collective action,” said club member, Gregory Lucero. “We want people to know it is okay to talk about change.” Looking to achieve its goals through the spread of class-consciousness and engagement in local class struggles, the RSU promotes the principles of liberty, equality and solidarity.

Chris Manor, club chairman, feels that “other political movements fail to articulate the proper solutions, also, fail to articulate the proper problems.”

“At the Revolutionary Student Union, we claim with strong evidence that our government is not beholden to the people. In our current situation, we would not qualify as a real democracy nor a republic,” said Jacob Jensen, co-chair of the RSU, who seeks to remind students that voting does not mean democracy. “We at the RSU will not tolerate for mutual exploitation of each other economically or politically. In a word, we are anti-capitalist. We will succeed at its overthrow so that we may enjoy a freedom worth having for all of us, and would encourage you all to join us,” said Jensen. Meetings are currently being planned for the RSU and will generally include discussions of theory, history and policy.

Contact the club at [email protected] or 801-604-8039. The club also has a facebook group titled Revolutionary Students Union and a blog at