All Roads Lead to Rome

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Photo courtesy of Natalie Wheatley

Photo courtesy of Natalie Wheatley

Scheduled to travel May 2010, the Italy Art History program offers the chance to study outside of the classroom and experience art within the context of history and culture. You will have the opportunity to view art of the Baroque and Renaissance periods in cities such as Rome, Florence and Venice. Extracurricular trips include visits to Assisi and Pisa.

Students will be accompanied by a faculty member from UVU and will have the opportunity to sign up for a total of six credit hours of Art History during this five-week program.

Brittney Morrill, a photography major at UVU, related that, “traveling gets you out of your shell and makes you realize what is out there in the world.” Morrill participated in the 2009 trip to Italy and said that she has “never learned more about art or remembered it so well” as when she was in Italy. There is something about “being there,” said Morrill, “about having that experience.”

Referring to art and photography students, Steve Bule, professor of art history and Italy program director said, “The exposure to so much great art from different periods has a profound impact on their own work.”

Though this program is especially beneficial to artistically-minded students, it is open to all students.  Interested parties are encouraged to submit a completed application form by Nov. 30. Applications forms as well as information regarding all study abroad programs may be obtained from the UVU International Center.

Info Box:

Cost: $3,095

Tentative dates: May 3 – June 4, 2010

Anticipated curriculum: Art History (ARTH 2710 ), upper division courses in Art History (ARTH 3040 and ARTH 3050), ART 291R/491R

Application deadline in order to save $300: Nov. 30, 2009