Acronyms- Now you know

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Photo Courtesy of Stock.xchng

Photo Courtesy of Stock.xchng

Instant messaging and text messaging revolutionized the way we communicate. No longer do we properly punctuate, spell correctly (unless you still use T9) or use grammar.
How many times do you text “L8R” to your friends just to save three characters? Hopefully not very often because the meanings of some common acronyms are shifting and can be misunderstood as newer, more logical counterparts.

JK: Meant to be “just kidding” can be mistaken for the initials of Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, leaving your friends wondering, “J.K. (Rowling?).”

LOL: Meant to be “Laugh out loud,” could confuse your crush, if they think it means “Look out, loser” or “Love or lust.” Make sure you are sending the right message, and settle on using a safer route with “haha,” which translates as audible laughing, in case you don’t remember what human laughter sounds like because you are online all day.

TTYL: Meant to be “Talk to you later.” The popular sign-off could also be used in online gaming efforts, with the meaning “This time you lose.” Gamers probably have been using this for years, but no one knows this because gamers usually just play against the computer.