A Day With Mitt Romney

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Walking onto the Romney campaign bus in New Hampshire, Junior Jared Dallin couldn’t believe the journey he was about to embark on. He was about to spend the day campaigning with the possible next President of the United States.


Dallin won the once-in-a-lifetime trip to spend the day with Mitt Romney campaigning for the first in the nation primary. It all started at the Wolverine Crossing UVU Housing Complex where students and politicos alike can go make phone calls into the early voting states.


“UVU students have made an impressive turn out for Mitt Romney,” said Jordan Guinn, a UVU Sophomore studying History and a Romney Intern. “Iowa was won by only 8 votes. The enthusiasm of students and members of the community made that difference.”


For every thirty minutes of calls completed, callers were entered into a drawing to spend primary day in New Hampshire with the candidate himself. Dallin’s hard work paid off after making more than 3,000 calls.


He attended a slate of events including a coffee shop, rally, lunch stop, participated in phone calls by the candidate himself and a final rally to end the day, Dallin was pretty tired.


“After spending the day with Mitt traveling around on his campaign bus, I can tell you he’s the hardest worker I’ve ever met. That man just doesn’t stop,” Dallin said. “No wonder he won Iowa and New Hampshire. We seriously need everyone to come make calls so this man can be President.”


The win for Romney in New Hampshire was a first for the GOP. Romney is the first non-incumbent candidate to win the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire Primary consecutively.


“It’s definitely a historic moment for everyone,” said Lauren Anderson, a UVU Sophomore studying Political Science and an intern with the Romney Campaign. “America needs a leader like Mitt Romney more today than ever before and these two wins show the enthusiasm for Governor Romney and his vision for our country.”


At the victory rally for Mitt Romney in Manchester, New Hampshire, Jared got to talk to Romney again.


“Right as he walked on up to the stage he shook my hand and thanked me again for all of our team’s hard work out here in Utah,” Dallin said. “It’s really something else to hear the appreciation for yourself. Makes all those phone calls worthwhile.”


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By Chad Reiser – Staff Writer

Photos courtesy of Jared Dallin

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