18th Annual Scarecrow Festival to be held during UEA

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_toy_scarecrow_1Students will now have yet another opportunity to serve for a great cause during Fall Break as West Ridge Academy (WRA), a state-of-the-art residential treatment program, will be holding an Annual Scarecrow Festival at Thanksgiving Point’s Electric Park.

WRA is looking for over 2,000 volunteers to help run the event and make it a success. WRA is a program dedicated to improving the lives of teens who struggle with various problems that would inhibit progression in a regular school setting. The program allows them to have special academic criteria to assist in becoming their best and moving on to a brighter future.

Much like UVU, the academy is committed to providing education with the student in mind. 100 percent of all the proceeds from the fundraiser go to benefit those in the program. Students are encouraged to attend, even if they can provide only an hour of their time.

Those interested are encouraged to visit westridgeacademy.org or facebook.com/scarecrowfestival.

They can also contact Wendi Ballard at 801-282-1000.