10 Tips for Freshmen

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Starting college can be a scary adventure.  Some new students find it exciting; however, if you are like me, you may have had a difficult time adjusting to life after high school.  I had no idea what was going on when I first started going to school at UVSC. I couldn’t tell the Pope Science Building from the Browning Administration Building.  But after many, many years (no joke) of attending school and working on campus, I think I have the way of the wolverine down pat. Therefore, to make life simpler for those who choose to read this, I have compiled a list of ten tips to help ease the adjustment to life here at UVU.

Tip #1: You don’t have to get your Student ID (UV ID) the first week of school. This is a common misconception among new students. In fact, Campus Connection will issue an ID card up until the very last week of school provided you are registered in at least one class. So, my advice is to avoid the long lines the first month of school and get it when you need it.

Tip #2: Skip the long lines at One Stop and pay your tuition via UV Link. It’s true. You can pay your tuition online by Webcheck or credit card. Webcheck is a service on UV Link where students use their checking account to pay for tuition. However, beware of fees associated with using a credit card to pay your tuition.

Tip #3: Use GreenBucks and save money on food. GreenBucks is an account that is already on your UV ID card.  All you have to do is deposit money into the account and you get a 5 percent discount at all food service locations on campus. You can even get a discount on non-textbook items at the bookstore (like a sweet UVU hoodie.) Deposits can be made at Campus Connection.

Tip #4: There is free wireless internet on campus. No matter where you go on campus (even up at the Education Building) you can get free wireless internet. If you have a wireless internet card, when you turn your computer on a pop-up for a program called “Cisco Clean Access Agent” will display. Just follow the instructions to download the program and use your UV ID number to login.  For more information, contact One Stop at (801) 863-4636.

Tip #5: The difference between One Stop and Campus Connection. One Stop is where you can register for classes, pay your tuition, add classes, buy a parking permit, and ask questions about a hold on your account.  At Campus Connection, you can get your UV ID card, ask questions about housing, put money on your GreenBucks account, fax documents for a small fee and purchase tickets for campus events.

Tip #6: Just because a class is full doesn’t mean you can’t add it. If a course is listed as full in UV Link there is a possibility of still enrolling. All you need is an add card. For more information contact One Stop at (801) 863-4636.

Tip #7: Get a bus pass! Every student is eligible to add an electronic bus pass to their UV ID card. The cost is only twenty dollars and will expire in September 2010. It includes city buses, Trax, Express Buses and Front Runner. A monthly city bus pass alone will cost you around $65 so this is a very good value. A bus pass is a good investment, especially if your car is in the shop. Buyers beware: if you drop all your classes your bus pass will be voided.

Tip #8: Get involved. One of the best ways a student can succeed in college is to become connected to the campus in some way. Examples of this type of connection are joining a club, attending campus activities and events, becoming involved with Student Government or even the Student Newspaper. There are many clubs that cater to specific majors or even clubs just for fun. So, check it out by stopping by the Student Government Office inside the Sorensen Student Center.

Tip #9: Become a member of the MAWL. The Mighty Athletic Wolverine League (MAWL) is the student section at games. A  MAWL membership includes access to all home athletic games including Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Wrestling, Baseball, and Softball.  All MAWL members receive a T-shirt, megaphone, rally rag, and membership card. The cost is $20 and students can sign up at Campus Connection.

Tip #10: Go to class. If I had only one piece of advice to give, it would be to go to class. A good majority of incoming freshman think that they can pass a class with poor attendance.  This is false. So, get out of bed, get dressed, and get to class.