Welcome to Health & Wellness

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Bring on Health and Wellness, our readers have spoken.

A random poll of UVU students revealed the largest interest in topics concerning fitness, wellness and health when it came to daily media consumption. It’s time to get you what you want! Starting today The Review, in collaboration with the Outdoor Adventure Center and The Student Life and Wellness Center, will be supplying daily material all within the Health and Wellness field.

This is your place for fitness, mental health, meditation, outdoor adventure plans and everything in between. Students also expressed an interest in receiving their news through social media. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook you’re on it and so we will be too. You can expect daily pump-ups, meal plans, quotes, stats and challenges so get ready to follow @uvureview and work with us.

In this time of virtual and hybrid learning, Covid and overall stress The Review invites you to join us in feeding our bodies, our minds, and our souls. Be sure to check in Monday as we kick things off with our first guided Monday Mindfulness Minute.

You are not going to want to miss a single day so be sure to follow, come back here for full articles and pick up our print copies on campus every other Friday.

Let’s Go!

Chloe Nielson
Health and Wellness Editor