Ways to take care of your mental health this autumn 

Fall weather in Utah

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Just as you would take care of your body, be sure to take care of your mind as well. Here are some tips for busy students. 

Take time to breathe. That may sound like the oldest, most cliche advice in the book, but it works. As an article from the National Library of Medicine says, “A growing number of empirical studies have revealed that diaphragmatic breathing may trigger body relaxation responses and benefit both physical and mental health.” Just taking a few minutes to focus on your breathing amid everything else you have going on can be surprisingly helpful.  

Set aside time, no matter how short, to unwind each day. Do something you love, even if it’s only for five minutes. This makes a surprising difference in morale, especially as it gets colder outside. 

Be aware if you’ve taken on too much. If your life is always busy with no time to unwind, you may suffer from burnout. If you need to withdraw from a class, you can do so through Oct. 31. Withdrawing does not affect your GPA and allows you to take the class at another time. 

Reach out if you need help. UVU Thrive is the University’s mental health center, and it has a ton of good resources, including access to therapy. The first nine appointments are free, and no insurance is needed! Go to uvu.edu/mental health for resources, including a self-evaluation on how you can best get help. 

Don’t isolate yourself if you start feeling down. As tempting as it is, isolation can make you feel worse. Talk to a trusted friend, even if you don’t talk specifically about what’s getting you down. 

Above all, remember your goals in school and keep moving forward with the end in mind. The work that you do will help you out in the long run as you transition into your future career. 

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