Mindfulness Monday with Jimmy Fallon

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Mindfulness is both a practice of self mastery and a therapeutic technique. As a university student often you are racing around without taking inventory of your current wellbeing. Every Monday join us to learn more about your options for mindfulness and meditation.

To start off our series we turned to TED to learn about why we need mindfulness.

All it takes is 10 mindful minutes | Andy Puddicombe TEDTalks

Andy Puddicombe is an author, public speaker and instructor of meditation and mindfulness. He has a fascinating resume including graduating with a degree in circus arts, surviving a testicular cancer diagnosis, working with the NBA and training to be a Buddhist Monk. You can learn more about Puddicombe in this TVOM article.

Andy even taught “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon to do a 2 minute mindfulness exercise. Watch the exercise below and follow along for a refreshed headspace.

Headspace’s Andy Puddicombe guides Jimmy, The Roots and the Tonight Show audience through a brief meditation that can be done anywhere.

Join The Review again next Monday to learn more about Mindfulness and Meditation and for tips to bring wellness into your day.