It’s finals week; let’s stay positive 

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Finals week is hard as it is; staying positive is even harder. Learn to stay positive and get through the week without getting stressed. 

Finals week is easily one of the most stressful weeks for any university student. The key to getting through it is to stay positive and look at the bright side of things. As important as studying is, taking care of the body and taking the time to relax is just as important as study time. 

Make sure to take breaks and get moving. The Nebraska Medicine University Health Center states, “Exercise is a natural form of antidepressant. It releases endorphins that help promote a positive mood, increases focus and helps reduce stress.” It’s important to get the body moving. Choose a simple physical activity like taking a walk at the park or a yoga exercise. There’s no need to go all out — the point is to get the body out from a desk and into motion.  

Go out and get some sun with fresh air. No matter the time of year, getting fresh air outside can be a great mood booster. This goes hand in hand with moving as well. “Humans have an ancestral connection to the great outdoors. If we don’t nourish that bond, it can create stress. Nature captures our attention and can calm our nerves,” says Nebraska Medicine University Health Center. When finals week comes along, it’s hard to stay positive, let alone stay calm. Having something simple that will calm the mind and let the eyes see something peaceful can be a mood booster.  

Prioritizing healthy eating and taking the time to eat properly is extremely important. When the mind is constantly focused, it gets tired. Getting the energy back is equally important. According to the Nebraska Medicine University Health Center, “Increasing evidence suggests that the gut and brain are connected and that eating can affect your mood.” Eating good and nutritious foods will keep a positive mindset. If the body starts to feel a little tired and exhausted, take a break, go get some yummy food, and then come back later to study. 

Staying positive when there is so much work to do with finals is vital to our health. UVU offers a lot of help for students on how to stay positive. Not only are there various activities going on throughout campus the whole week of finals but there are also specific programs that the UVU Wellness Programs offer for any student. This program offers one-on-one coaching for students to stress less, live happy, and manage stress throughout their life. These programs work with students to make behavior changes and be able to get through finals week with a positive attitude.  

Another resource that the UVU Wellness programs offers free massage chairs for students thorough the week of finals. Participating in the massage chairs is a great way to relive stress and take some time for self-care.