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“Crossed” by Ally Condie

Summary: The sequel to the New York Times bestseller, “Matched,” “Crossed” chronicles the journey of two young people traveling through the edges of a dystopian society, seeking to build a relationship, searching for a hidden rebellion and struggling for freedom. The novel is alternately narrated from two viewpoints and provides elements of surprise, uncertainty and betrayal.


Alison’s Words: “I first read “Matched” for fun. The cover was interesting, the blurb sounded cool and I love young adult dystopian fiction. “Crossed” is the sequel to Condie’s trilogy and was even better than “Matched.” I have always liked stories about what the future could possibly be like, especially when there is an interesting twist. In “Matched,” the twist is a perfect society that uses statistical information to decide what is best for their citizens, from careers to spouses, and even how long and fast their citizens should run on treadmills. It made me appreciate, even more, my ability to choose. I think in Utah, Provo in particular, many people wish, even if it’s not out loud, that they could just be paired up and done with it. But that kind of restricting life is exactly what the main character, Cassia, rejects. I agree with her.”


By Sierra Wilson

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