Tech Beat: Capture the Word

Pictionary has been brought to a whole new level since the new iOS app, Capture This, was released Jan. 12, by a local team called Graphite Games.

Pictionary has been brought to a whole new level since the new iOS app “Capture This” was released Jan. 12, by the local team Graphite


The app, available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and with an Android version in the works, tests your creativity to take a photo of something to represent a given word. The most creative plays are posted on the “Daily Capture” board.

Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 9.46.30 AM


“If ‘Instagram’ and ‘Draw Something’ were to do the world a favor by having a baby, Capture This would be that baby,” user vaug12 wrote in a review of the app in the iTunes App Store. “Needless to say, ‘Capture This’ is entertaining, addicting and exhilarating.”


The harder the word, the more coins it is worth. According to the company’s website, the game is “the fun fusion of photos, creativity and words.”


Users can connect with Facebook friends or start a game with a random user. Coins can be redeemed for filters for the pictures or for a variety of app backgrounds.


Photos are stored in the app and do not take up space on the user’s mobile device.

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