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April 2020
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Mixing the masculine & feminine in fashion

Mixing the masculine & feminine in fashion
Masculine watches can be a great way to accentuate femininity according to fashion journalist and critic Nina Garcia. Christina Ruth/UVU Review.

In fashion, there is a need for contrast. It’s far too easy for similar elements to blend together and get lost. This is especially true when it comes to clothing that can be regarded as super feminine. What I mean by feminine is short dresses, frilly tops, high heels, etc. Wearing too many of this “girly” items will make them all seem like the same thing.


In order for any of these aspects to stand out, you need to offer up a contrast. And one of the best contrasts with feminine qualities is masculine aspects. Nothing makes a feminine item look even more feminine than pairing it with something a bit more manly.


For example, if you wear a short dress with a bit of cleavage, don’t throw on a frilly jacket. Contrast it with a boyfriend cardigan. This is even more effective if your boyfriend cardigan was actually purchase in the men’s department. Your long legs in a short dress will seem even more feminine and alluring when a strong male cardigan is draped on your shoulders.


This can even work for accessories. When choosing a watch, try a chunky male watch. The wrist is one of the most feminine parts of the body. Having a big watch makes the wrist seem even more delicate and beautiful.


So when you’re planning out your next outfit, don’t forget to offer up a bit of contrast to the picture. It makes your best qualities stand out even more.


By Kelly Cannon
Life Editor


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