Love Essay

Love is not something that we can posses, but something that possess us

Love is an attribute that will begin to possess us as we willingly give up the drama, for something much more dramatic.


When one’s world expands beyond self, thoughts are uplifted, and you begin to gravitate towards true and light, you begin to understand the nature of love.


When one’s soul is at peace with self, and fear of others begins to fade, then you begin to acknowledge the true power of love.


Love simultaneously acknowledge the individual, and breaks down all imaginary barriers between individuals into oneness. Indeed, when one is in love, there are no barriers at all between individuals. There is no ‘othering’. There can be no separation. And it is only in approaching this oneness between one’s self and all around us, that we truly open our hearts to experience its fullness.


Love therefore is not something that we can posses, but something that possess us. It is a gift from One who sees no separation between self and others, and can only be fully embraced as we are willing to acknowledge the same.


In this process of unity, we become more realistically individual, because we first recognize that the nature of the individual is an interconnectedness with all around us. If one imagines self first, and tries to retain a notion of self first and foremost, then this person’s ability to love, and be loved, will diminish until there is nothing left to experience. But by losing ourselves in love we gain the connections we desire, as well a fullness of individuality.


This is the fullness of the drama of love. In this life, it is no more than journey approaching a possibility, but as we approach it, worlds of possibilities begins to open wider and wider, revealing worlds within worlds of wonder.


As for personal experiences with it, Janille is my world. I had several girl friends prior to meeting Janille. And there was a lot of fun. But in order for the relationships to feel real, they all had to have some form of drama. There were emotions to be sure, but they were mere shadows of the true emotions that are possible when one is in love, rather than searching for it.


I did not really know it at the time, but when Janille and I started dating the realness of the emotions were what attracted me to her. There was no drama, no worry, and no pain. I began to lose my sense of self in her. I could not picture myself without her. Not just picture myself without her like a possession, or a popular accessory, but I could not picture myself, without seeing her. That was when I knew that she was the one. Not only could we be united, but I knew that she and I could simultaneously build each other up, and together, far beyond any individual capacity.


We latched on to that 16 years ago, and have never looked back.


Matt Stearmer, 38

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