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Utah Valley University Student Media and Publications

Office: SL213
Business/Advertising Line: 801.863.6498
Editorial Line: 801.863.7010
Fax Line: 801.863.8601
Facebook: /UVUreview/
Twitter: @uvureview

UVX Staff List 2022-23

Executive News Director:
Crystal Pugina
SL 213

Matthew Drachman
SL 213

Sr. Broadcast News Director:
Chad Roderick
SL 213

Sr. Podcast Producer:
Meg McKellar
SL 213

Marketing/Advertising Director:
Clara Moraes Araujo
SL 213

Sr. Social Media Producer:
Joshus Fanos
SL 213

UVX News Advisers

Director—Student Media & Publications:
Grant Flygare
[email protected]
SL 213a

7 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. This is Marie Poudiougou from the Office of the International Affairs and Diplomacy. Charles Thembani Ntwaagae, Ambassador of Botswana to the United Nations is lecturing at UVU on December 2nd at the Sorensen Center SC 213B from 11am to 12pm. He will be speaking on the topic of” Botswana and its role at the United Nations”. We were wondering if we could have it announced in the UVU Review. Please let me know at your earliest convenience.

  2. Hello : )

    I was wondering if the student paper was open to students to submit articles for publication? If so I would really be interested in writing some things. Please let me know! Thank you.


  3. I am a dance student and am beginning to switch my major to journalism. I would like to offer my services writing articles for the review since I have a unique perspective being a student in UVU’s dance department. I would love to write articles for UVU’s student paper.

  4. If i wanted to submit an article to the paper who would i speak to and how would i go about doing this? What is the word limit?

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