Author: Luke Hickman

Choke on this

Ever since the release of Fight Club in ’99, more and more people have been turned on to the original, twisted and unbelievable writings of author Chuck Palahniuk. Each Palahniuk fan believes that every one of his books would make a perfect movie. The second movie adapted from one of his books premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

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We get it: the government can do lots of things

Last summer, when director D.J. Carusso and poppy actor Shia LaBeouf teamed up to make Disturbia, I thought to myself, “How lame.” I actually put off screening the movie until the night before it opened. But when I saw it, I was caught off guard by how fun the movie was, how it went from funny awkward teen comedy to dark disturbing thriller in a heartbeat.

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Gervais becomes a leading man

In the U.K., Ricky Gervais is a big deal. In the U.S., while not many may know his name, almost everyone is familiar with his creation. Gervais is the 47-year-old co-creator/writer and star of the hit BBC shows The Office, which spawned an American imitation with Steve Carell playing his part, and Extras, which HBO distributed domestically.

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