Lindsey Linge

Hear it live: We Shot The Moon

Sometimes, a song comes along that makes you want to hear it live. This is definitely the case with the music of We Shot The Moon, a San Diego-based indie piano rock group that will be performing Sept. 14 at Velour. It’s natural to compare their music to that of Jack’s Mannequin, but the sound is more upbeat and danceable.


Yes, we all have at least one “junk food” item that we love. Yes, we all say we’re going to not eat sugar for a month or that we’re not going to go over 1,500 calories a day. But let’s face it: Everyone has a sweet tooth. But satisfying such cravings does not have to be as bad as you’d think.


If you are reading this, you are using one of your most valuable skills. Literacy, the ability to use reading and writing in real life situations and in personal development, is critical to functioning in society. According to Dr. Sirpa Grierson, state coordinator for the Utah Council of the International Reading Association, “Literacy is power.