Day: October 8, 2007

Home, bitter home

The struggles at home continued for the Utah Valley women’s soccer team as the University of Utah blew them out on Wednesday afternoon 6-0. With Utah’s six goals, the Wolverines have been outscored 10-1 in four home games, including an exhibition loss to Weber State.

Confidence high, BYU looming

The road is never the best place to gain confidence, grow as a team, or start a season-long winning streak, but that didn’t stop Utah Valley’s volleyball team (11-5) from doing all three. The nine straight road games didn’t start very well for the Wolverines.

Fall softball, a time for evaluation

In weather better suited for the Iditarod than a softball game, the Wolverines dropped a fall season game to the College of Southern Idaho 8-6 Saturday afternoon. Coach Todd Fairbourn and the lady Wolverines played five games over the snow and rained filled weekend in an attempt to get in as many innings as possible.

MLB: Playoffs indeed will be a classic

If the last two weeks of the regular-season carry over to the National League playoffs, the teams and fans alike will be on a roller-coaster ride.None of the postseason berths in the NL were decided until the final weekend–making for a anxious few days for several teams.

Making headlines

NBAAlthough New York Knicks head coach and team president Isaiah Thomas is planning to appeal, he was found liable for sexual harassment against Anucha Browne Sanders, a former Knicks marketing executive. If the ruling holds, it isn’t Thomas who will be forking over the more than $11 million in damages, it is his boss who will pay.

Easy win against Utes

Knocking in one goal after another, Utah Valley was able to beat the University of Utah 13-1 in its second game of the season.  Although it was apparent that the game was going downhill for the Utes, the Utah Valley players still played their hardest on the ice.

UVSC has connections among Flash hopefuls

Almost every child shooting baskets in their driveway or in an empty gym dreams of playing in the NBA. Grown men still try to do whatever it takes to stay in the game, and this was readily apparent during the Utah Flash’s tryouts at OpenCourt in Lehi last week.

Preseason best time for Price

Without question, Ronnie Price is one of Utah Valley’s most notable and noticed graduates. As the only basketball player from UVSC to go straight to the NBA from college, Price gets a lot of love around here. Every game Price has played in Utah during his NBA career has forced him to be the last player on his team to leave the building.

Campus sports

Oct. 9 Women’s VolleyballAt BYU, 7 p.m.Oct. 12 SoftballAgainst Salt Lake Community College, 4 p.m.Oct. 13Softball Against Southern Utah At BYU, 4 p.m.Oct. 18 Women’s volleyball Against Boise State, 7 p.m. Oct. 19 Women’s soccerAgainst New Jersey Institute of Technology, 3 p.