Students, teachers, models and photographers gathered for a business inspired-fashion show on Wednesday, Jan. 23, showcasing men’s and women’s business casual and formal styles.


The event, hosted by PRSSA in the Student Center, attracted a large audience of well-dressed, fashion-conscientious students interested in the nuances of correct business attire, beginning with the job interview process to the first day of work.


Recent graduate and H.M. Cole manager Aaron Eddy spoke on different fashion styles and trends he observed and learned during an internship in New York City.

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“Fashion has no hard lines,” Eddy said. “Much of the formal and informal dress policies are specific to each office.”


Eddy highlighted different magazines and websites that cover national and international fashion, such as GQ, to give interns an expressive edge while interviewing.


“Learning about the websites was my favorite part of the night, knowing that resources like that are out there should help me in the future,” said sophomore Adam Mearse.


The show’s theme of “Fashions Fade, Style is Eternal” by designer Yves Saint Laurent was apparent and was featured in the slideshow background during much of the presentations.


To gain a better understanding of the female side of fashion and offer practical advice, fashion expert Savannah Smith offered her insights for women. Savannah used celebrity examples and explained how different body types require fashion-forward solutions. The best kinds of clothes for each body type differ from woman to woman, but Smith said to remember the end purpose is to keep dress business-appropriate.


Smith focused on many dress basics, including the do’s and don’ts of office wear, which helped reaffirm many dress and appearance workplace rules. Never under-dress, Smith said, but recognize that an outfit should be transitional throughout the day’s events and to mimic styles deemed appropriate by others in the workplace.


After both experts spoke, the lights dimmed, and two MC’s introduced two models as upbeat music filled the air.


Two models came out weaving in between each other, as they walked down the runway, happily showing their business-formal styles. Each male and female model had a specific style and look that made them unique and visually appealing to give the audience ideas on future dress.


An ironic twist many people noticed during the show was that a few models were dressed contrary to the advice that Eddy and Smith had given, but still represented a certain look that would be appropriate in many events and business venues.


A huge turnout, free business portfolio photos and ice cream made the event a valuable way to prepare for the professional world.