Fun & Success

Fun & Success

At the end of 2010, Doritos and Pepsi MAX held a contest to see if everyday, regular people had what it took to “crash the Super Bowl” and create a commercial to air on national television in front of the biggest audience in the country. It was then that local residents Tyler Dixon, Tyler Marshall […]


Laptops in class. There seem to be two camps on the subject: those who use and love them and those who despise them. There is an obvious fine line appearing between the two camps on laptops in class. To those who are users of laptops in class, what could be better? Most students have been […]

Student spotlight: Bowls for Humanity

By selling handmade bowls filled with warm soup, Bowls for Humanity fundraiser helps put a roof over the Utah County homeless. Most people see a problem in society, wish there was a way to fix it and move on with their lives. Occasionally, some will donate a few dollars to the charity of their choice, […]

The ultimate birthday present

Freshman Dane Anderson doesn’t like to make birthday lists. So instead of getting a bunch of presents that would be nice to have but serve no purpose for his 24th birthday, he asked for something different. He asked his friends and family to donate whatever money they would spend on him to “charity: water,” a […]

Making a positive difference

Student Body President Richard Portwood is probably someone that you’d recognize, even if you don’t actually know him. The man seems to constantly be on campus organizing activities, attending many meetings and events, and still he somehow finds time to make it to classes. Being student body president can’t be an easy job, but Richard […]

We have a homecoming?

Most students believe that schools without football teams don’t have a homecoming at all, but that is far from the truth. Homecoming is a tradition initially established to bring alumni “home” to celebrate their school. UVU may not have a football team, but we do have a great basketball team, so our homecoming is planned […]

UVU represented at Miss America

Miss Utah & Wolverine Christina  Lowe competed against 53 other women in the 2011 Miss America Pageant. Now she is ready to come back and hit the books. UVU student and current Miss Utah, Christina Lowe, gained national recognition and glory as she competed in the national Miss America pageant on Saturday, Jan. 15. The […]

A dust with fame

How many of us have sat on the couch and criticized the commercials that we are constantly bombarded with? How many have said, “I could have done that better!” while not doing anything at all? I’m sure we’re all guilty of this at least once in a while – I know I am. When Doritos […]

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