Leaving a Legacy

The annual “Lunch with Liz” lasted a little over an hour on Wed. April 15, 2009. Interim President Liz Hitch addressed a packed ballroom of faculty, students and the public. She reviewed the first year of the school’s university status and made projections for the upcoming year.

How to cook out of a hotel room

If you’re anything like me, you are a poor college student. I recently spent some time out of town on a school function and was going to miss work and could not afford to eat out every day. By spending less than $20 beforehand on food to bring along, I was able to eat well without spending any money on the trip.

PBA Conversations

For the past five years an evaluation of the school and conversations about planning, budgeting, and accountability (PBA) have occurred. According to the PBA Guidebook, “All divisions, schools, colleges, and departments (units) are charged to annually review and update plans, develop initiates for the next one to three years, and assess activities of the past year.

The Festival of Trees

A 38-year holiday tradition of charity described as a “Gift of Love,” the Festival of Trees has become a Utah institution. With more than 800 trees on display and nearly 8,000 attendees, the festival is the world’s largest display of decorated Christmas trees as well as centerpieces, wreaths, gingerbread creations and backyard playhouses.

Thanksgiving, a great American tradition

Much like the story that Christopher Columbus discovered America, the story of the first Thanksgiving is a tale that was taught in history classes to increase nationalism. Christopher Columbus never set foot in North America — the closest he made it was the West Indies.

Christian identity debate

“Christian theology exists to push us into a relationship that we can brought to the truth,” said Michael Minch, associate professor of philosophy. The concept of the Christian identity was debated between Minch and Brian Birch, Director of Religious Studies.

Woodbury Invitational

Bored? Explore something new. The Woodbury Art Museum can provide art and culture to uplift a boring day. The Woodbury Invitational, featuring artists from all over the country, will be exhibited until Feb. 20, 2009. “The artworks presented range from the clean aesthetic of restraint exercised in Robert Stuart’s explorations into material and simple geometric form, through the complex content laden images of Harvey Breverman, to the elaborate fantasy compositions of James C.

Thanksgiving on a budget

Food, football and family are all common descriptions of Thanksgiving. One word that is usually excluded from this list is money. With costs rising as the economy is dwindling, this year’s Thanksgiving festivities may come up short. Fear not: Here is a Thanksgiving dinner for four that can be made with less than twenty dollars.