Author: Matt Studebaker

Wolverine Track helps students stay on track

Whether are a freshman just starting out, a transfer student settling in or a senior on path for graduation, Wolverine Track will help students on their way to graduating. Wolverine Track is a free, online guide for students to track their graduation, view their progress towards their degree, start or modify a registration plan or calculate GPA possibilities. The guide is located under the student tab after logging into UVLink and is the first bullet point under the “planning your education” link on the left side of the page. There are three main tabs that help students navigate through the site: Audit, Planner and GPA Calculator.   The Audit tab has three sub-links:   • Audit – This link displays all of the student’s requirements to finishing general or core electives. It will also display classes already taken, current classes enrolled in and classes that need to be taken to graduate. • What If – This link allows students thinking of changing their major to present “what if” scenarios for what needs to be done before graduating in their new field. • Look Ahead – This is a simple link that allows new students to research possible majors. The Planner tab: • Planner – This link allows students to plan out classes per term or for their entire degree. It also allows students to make the planner printable and...

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