Author: Jon Schwarzmann

Clash of the Tenets

It’s fairly hard to ignore the fact we live among a highly concentrated population of LDS members. Yet even though there is a high percentage of single faith followers in this area and at our school, one does not have to strain to find the perspective of the non-LDS community.  They tend to speak a little louder to have their voices heard above the cacophony of conservative thought, most obviously when their ideas are in opposition to the standard beliefs.  The question is, how does each side address the other at our school? Considering this state’s history, the university’s...

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More budget cuts?

It might feel as though the budget cuts UVU suffered recently have not had much of an impact on your education, mainly because the changes have been subtle. So subtle in fact, you may not have noticed Spring classes filling up faster. According to a presentation President Holland gave to the State Board of Regents at a special meeting held on Nov. 13 there are 4,000 more registrations for Spring 2010 compared to this time last year. That’s not to say there are 4,000 more students, simply that students understand classes aren’t as easy to get into as they once were, so they register sooner. While still experiencing near record enrollment growth, the university has seen the opposite in regards to funding. Last year the legislature cut Utah’s higher education budget by 17percent, but due to the Feds they were able to only cut 9 percent. Now 9 percent or even 17 percent may not appear to be a lot, but if you break it down and line up ten classes or professors, you realize you’re going to start losing valuable resources to educate students. Prior to the cuts, Utah was spending around $8,000 per student per year, compared to the national average of $11,500. If the Utah legislature continues with their 17 percent cuts and after average growth of enrollment the state will be spending under $6,000 per student per year. That...

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Perception is our duty

UVU has been a university for almost a year and a half now, yet it seems that the general attitude towards our school from the community has not changed much. We are in the shadows of the two biggest schools in Utah and far younger than any of the other universities. These facts may lead some to say that UVU will always remain a second rate school and never leave behind its’ old nickname, Utah Valley High School. I find it hard to argue against those ideas, especially while walking the halls on campus and feeling as if I were...

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