Author: Hamlet Gordillo

Oh, Bamacare

By: Ryan Muir, Opinions writer, [email protected] The affordable care act has been available for program sign up since the first of October 2013. There are several methods for signing up for this new insurance. Participants can go to an on-site location, sign up online or fill out the paperwork themselves. All of these methods have been used with varying degrees of success, but most methods have had numerous issues. This new law has been presented as innovative reform, and as such should have been rolled out with flawless efficiency. A look into what actually happened is a far cry...

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Parking etiquette

By Laura Fox, Photo Editor, @applecomb We have all experienced it: parking woes at UVU. Here at the Review, we have beaten this subject to death with all the injustice and frustration of the student body that drives or commutes to class weekly. But I’m going to take a more peaceful hippie approach and offer some basic parking guidelines both in general and what’s acceptable at UVU, because lets be honest, we have our own etiquette here at school as well. First, lets take a moment and realize that we are growing, really fast. UVU is doing what it can...

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