Author: Eleanor Cleverly-Takahashi

So long seniors, farewell UVSC

This year’s commencement and convocation ceremonies will not simply mark the passing of yet another UVSC graduating class. They will mark the passing of the last UVSC graduating class — a realization that may create a celebration the whole school, not just the lucky seniors strutting down the aisle, can look forward to.

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Withering Waterways

Rarely do the residents of Utah Valley experience how severe the repercussions of living in a desert environment can be. Even amid the threat of water shortages each summer, and arid conditions year-round, most students never think twice about using water at what we deem the most basic level: the ability to have enough to drink and cook with each day, or the convenience of showering and laundering when we find a few spare moments.

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Questions of the conscience

One of my most grand new year’s resolutions for 2008 is to become a more conscientious consumer. It has been something that I have struggled with for many years, along with vegetarianism and having to brush my teeth a FULL two times a day (I think that is kind of asking a lot).

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